The Effect of Ageing on The Immune System, A Review


  • Najlaa Mohammad Alsudairy Assistant Consultant FM, National Guard Hospital, King Abdul-Aziz Medical City, SCOHS, Jeddah, KSA.
  • Sultanah Sameer Ibrahim Saeedi General practitioner, Yanbu General Hospital, Yanbu, KSA.
  • Nourah Abdullah Alfarhan General Physician, ‏King Saud Hospital, Unaizah, KSA
  • ABDULELAH HUSSAIN MOHAMMED AL HAMID Aviation clinic in king Abdullah Air Base, KSA.
  • Abdullah Hussain A Alqawain Resident doctor,Qatif Central Hospital, KSA.
  • Zakariya Ali Ahmed AlDawood Resident doctor, Qatif Health Care Center, General practitioner, KSA.
  • Duaa Jawad Aljumah Pharmacist, Almoosa specialist hospital, KSA.
  • Hisham Sultan Althobaiti Resident Doctor, Midtown phc taif, KSA.
  • Asma Ghassan Sadeq Resident Doctor, Prince Sultan Hospital in Mulaijah, KSA.
  • Faisal Mohammed Abdullah Alnemari General Practitioner, Oudah PHC, Taif, ‎‏KSA.
  • Abdulrauf Abdulatif A Tashkandi Resident doctor, Wast Al madinah PHC, KSA.
  • Ahmad Hamed A Alharbi General Practitioner, ‏King Fahad Hospital, Madinah, KSA
  • Alwaleed khalid Alsufyani General Practitioner, Al faisaliyyah PHC, Taif, KSA.
  • Majed Ali A Alshehri General Practitioner, ‏King Salman Center for Kidney Diseases, Riyadh, KSA.
  • Rami Ali Shebaily General Practitioner, ‏Al-Qaariah PHC, Gizan, KSA.



Immunity, ageing, stress, geriatrics


The immune system's performance declines as we age, increasing our vulnerability to illnesses and perhaps lowering our quality of life. Stress and normal ageing both cause a decline in immune function. Social and psychological pressures are a regular component of life and the cause of significant events that alter direction. Throughout their lives, people are exposed to a variety of stressors, with effects that develop at various rates due to differences in stress exposure, stress buffering, stress reactivity, stress duration (recovery), and restorative mechanisms. The consequences of these processes on older persons' stress levels have been shown to mimic, aggravate, and possibly accelerate the immune system's ageing process. Therefore, it would be advantageous for aged people and less expensive for society to be able to renew the ageing immune system.





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Mohammad Alsudairy N, Sameer Ibrahim Saeedi S, Abdullah Alfarhan N, HUSSAIN MOHAMMED AL HAMID A, Hussain A Alqawain A, Ali Ahmed AlDawood Z, Jawad Aljumah D, Althobaiti HS, Ghassan Sadeq A, Mohammed Abdullah Alnemari F, Abdulatif A Tashkandi A, Hamed A Alharbi A, Alsufyani A khalid, Ali A Alshehri M, Ali Shebaily R. The Effect of Ageing on The Immune System, A Review. SMHJ [Internet]. 2022 Oct. 25 [cited 2023 Sep. 26];2(2):70-5. Available from:



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