The overview of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis


  • Mohammed Salah Hussein Department of gastroenterology and endoscopy, Dr.Samir Abbas Hospital, Jeddah , KSA- Department of internal medicine, faculty of medicine, Alazhar University hospitals, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Ahmad Taher Alsulaimani Alnoor specialist hospital, Makkah, KSA.
  • Faisal Saleh Alanazi Northern Border University, KSA.
  • Ghadah Abdullah Almoshaddak Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA.
  • Hassan Ali Alzayer Warsaw Medical University
  • Ayman Ahmed AlFayez Qassim University, KSA.
  • Mohammad Fuad Al-Hani Mansoura Universty Rastanura General Hospital, KSA.
  • Yasser Jalal Alharbi Jalal Alharbi Qassim University, KSA.
  • Najla Sami Almubarak Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA.
  • Shatha Saeed Alqahtani Huraymila general hospital, KSA.
  • Alaa Mohammed Asiri Mahayel General Hospital, KSA.
  • Hattan Faisal Abdo King abdulaziz university hospital, KSA.



Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis, Hepatolithiasis, Biliary stones, Cholangitis, Cholangiocarcinoma


The clinical illness known as recurrent pyogenic cholangitis (RPC) is characterized by recurrent suppurative cholangitis caused by hepatolithiasis and extrahepatic stones in the biliary channels. The actual pathophysiology of RPC is still unknown, but certain enteric bacterial species colonizing the biliary tract in conjunction with potential dietary variables have been suggested as potential causes. RPC is frequently referred to as having hepatobiliary surgery, especially segmental hepatectomy, as the only effective treatment.

to determine the prevalence of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis, explain the typical symptoms a patient with the condition would exhibit, and describe the diagnosis and treatment of RPC.

the PubMed database and EBSCO Information Services were utilized to choose the articles. In our review, all pertinent articles related to both our topic and other articles were used. Other articles that have nothing to do with this subject were not included. The group members looked through a certain format in which the data had been extracted.


Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis is a complicated illness, and it is becoming more common in Western nations. Radiologists need to understand how to diagnose this condition and how to use imaging as a benchmark for subsequent treatment. Before the surgical intervention, the intrahepatic distribution of the patient's condition must be determined, and the combined efforts of gastroenterologists, radiologists, and surgeons are necessary for the effective treatment of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis.




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